What We Offer

Choreographed Partner Fire Dancing

Carefully organized partner choreography. Dazzling breathtaking stunts, where fire performance artist spin and manipulate fire props around each other in perfect synchrony. 

Fire Eating & Breathing

Channeling our inner dragon, spitting, breathing, and eating fire. Watch as our artists defy the laws of nature by swallowing and propelling flames.

Fire Magic Chemistry & Weaponry Show

Phoenix farts? Spirits trapped in a bottle? Watch our spectacular magic chemistry and weaponry show. Our very own alchemist demonstrates their magical ability in potions and panoply!

Children’s Workshops & Parties

Teaching kids basic, unlit, hula hoop theory, fire performances tailored for a child’s birthday party, Photo ops with children. *At no time are children operating or manipulating fire or fire props in any way*

LED Wonder Show

Any of our choreographed shows can also be offered as an LED light alternative for venues that would not support fire performance.

Walk-About Ambience Performances

Our performance artists are great for creating an atmosphere of entertainment at any event. Placed in specific areas or sent to patrol a space, they generate a dazzling ambience for guests to experience.

Adult Comedy Shows and Workshops

Shows tailored to adults only, may be requested. Polar Flame is a family show organization and all of our content is generated with that in mind. However we can perform comedy routines for adults, lit or unlit, that are guaranteed to be a hit at any adult party. We can also teach adult (unlit) hula hoop classes.

Character Environmental Entertainment

Mesmerizing Mermaids, and Ferocious Fire Devils, our commoving characters are sure to be a hit at your themed event. Performers can remain stationary, or walk about the event for ambience. Our current list of characters includes: Steampunk Princess, Fire Palm Belly Dancers, Fire Pixie, Mermaid in full Tail, Fire Devil, Glow in the Dark Skeletons, Living Snowglobe Snowman and Human Bubble Feather Angel.