Meet Our Performers

Ibis Flame

Meet Ibis, named after the Scarlet Ibis, a majestic tropical avian. Ibis prefers the use of his fire fans and can often be found “fanning the flames”. He has been perfecting his skills of prop manipulation for over 7 years now and hopes to continue to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams and always do what they love.

Ursus Polaris

Ursus derives his name from his totem, the Polar Bear. Ursus has trained in “Aikido” for five years with Sensei Stieger in the Hikatuchi line of masters. He has also trained in traditional Japanese Sword Work also known as “Iaito”. He has strong experience with traditional staff work and also picks up a fire staff from time to time.

Sirena Moonlight

Sirena derives her name from the mystical women of the ocean. When she is not fire dancing, she can often be found skipping through a stream or gracefully gliding through the water. This Fiery Fish is a great addition to the Polar Flame team and hopes to learn and grow with us each and every day! Sirena loves to witness the surprised looks on spectator faces, as she wows them with her magical endeavors.

Effy Evergreen

With the Jackalope totem, Effy draws her power from the dense forest. She can often be found skipping stones or just enjoying nature. This wood loving fairy will captivate you with her Hula Hoop magic. Her wispy ways and earthly attitude make her an excellent performer. Although shy in nature, Effy comes alive on the show grounds to really shake your tree!


This fair feminine fishy is sure to be a leaping hit at your event or party. Tally is our resident mermaid and would love to swim by to meet you! She is fun, fierce, fabulous and covered in fins! she can often be found floating about or flirting with the pirates!